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Alexandra Tachalova, founder of the DigitalOlympus.net event, returns to the MBSummit for a second time. Did you lose her last year’s speech? No worries, but make sure to reserve your seat for this year’s event!

What is the hardest part of your job?

I always keep a balance between what’s really bringing you money right now versus what could start generating revenue later. For instance, we have the Digital Olympus conference that helps us attract more visibility. Besides that, I have a few long-term projects with digital marketing tools that should help us become an agency that everyone knows does B2B email outreach link building. So, I think the hardest part is to keep things very strategic and keep working on some long-term projects that may not start generating for 6 months or even later.

Do you have any suggestions for someone who’s starting a career similar to yours?

If you really want to generate revenue streams, then you need to find your niche. Over the last few years I only did okay since I hadn’t realized the importance of finding your niche. We were doing almost everything and that was wrong. Once we decided to focus solely on a B2B link building through email outreach, everything started to work like a charm including revenue streams.

Do you have any particular quote that inspires you in your everyday life?

“Always treat people the way you want to be treated,” is a good one. One of my own phrase that I’ve recently come up with is, “Justice always needs tolerance”. I invented this phrase when I was invited to deliver a lecture at the university. I was trying to explain to students that sometimes acting in accordance with justice leads to horrible results. For instance, I don’t give negative feedback about my previous employees even when we decided to fire them.

Could you tell us why you decided to rejoin the MBSummit?

I love the MBSummit conference! There are so many reasons why, but my primary reasons for rejoining are that we’ve been working very hard over the last year on some quite exciting projects, and I’d love to share what we’ve learned. Also, my last speech at MBSummit was highly appreciated and received tons of positive feedback.


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