Digital Specialist at Chilli Fruit Web consulting, Full stack digital marketing strategist. We’re talking about Milosz Krasiński, we interviewed him for the Marketing Business Summit event. 

How did you get interested in digital?

My background is in Audio Engineering. For a long time I pursued an audio engineering career and when I got into my first proper job as mastering engineering I was in heaven.  That was until the CEO of the company asked me to add a Google Analytics snippet code into a WordPress website. 

I told him,  “I am an audio engineer, not a website guy” He replied “Exactly, you’ve got that engineering brain. Try it. Find out how to do it. The deadline is tomorrow. 

So I did and that’s how I got into digital. I had no idea it would be that quick. The next day, when a friend  asked me what I was up to,. I replied: “I am building websites these days”. 

It was meant to be a joke. 

She then seriously asked : “Please can you build a website for my mum she will pay you in advance”

So guess what happened? I built a website and optimized it, I even learned how to manage hosting ht access and so on – all within 30 days. 

I quickly repeated the process for other clients and realized that this is much more profitable and interesting than mastering old records from the 50’s era.

What is, for you, the future of SEO?

Machine, Machine, Machine…

It’s machine learning that is constantly failing to learn other languages besides English. Omi Sido said to me once:

“Google understands that our customers need to be served with not just the most helpful but also the most human result…Joking aside, many people don’t realise that 35% of’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine.

So the future of SEO is ultra relevance and there ultra served human results following by recommendation engines

On the other hand, I will quote Anton Shulke here  – the Head of Video at Semrush

“Technical SEO will die when Searching Engines “grow up” and won’t be equal 4-5 years but 45 years old, it won’t happen in 2019.”

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

I saw this question recently it was on Facebook. I think Daria Sheer from Semrush has asked around about it. Gareth Hoyle has given the best asner to this: 


I started to cry laughing I had to reach out to him via messenger, he really made my day.

 OK but no more jokes…

So what’s satisfying?

When I look at SERP and the links I have gained from my publications for a client moves the needle. I usually work on a flat fee budget plus performance based projects. If we move the client to the top 10 we can negotiate a higher budget and better ROI for the client. I feel honoured that I can work with some enterprise clients whose targeted keywords are over 100$ CPC – and, I’m satisfied when that reaches to the top 5 within 12 months. 

Is there a phrase that inspires you and your work?

I get a new phrase almost every everyday when I am whatsapping Craig Campbell

Many inspirational phrases I heard from Ross Tavendale when working closely with him during one international SEO project.

Anton Shulke and Fernando Angulo have taught me many inspirational phrases in the past. And recently, Robert Niechcial my favourite Polish SEO guy along with Damian Salkowski from SENUTO.  

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