Guide for Speakers

Step by Step Guide for Speakers

Marketing Business Summit 2023

May 2023,19th and 20th – Hotel Melià Milan

SEO and ADV Masterclasses – May 2023, 18th – Hotel Melià Milan


See directions for Hotel Melià, Milan (Italy)


Talks have to be practical and new (not already shown in others conferences).

Please note that any auto-promotional talk is allowed.

You can use our template in 16:9.

If you have any videos, please send it/them to us:

Deadline to send us your presentation: May, 15th

Please fill out this form for the use of personal data

Talks will be recorded: please fill out the form below to allow us to use your personal data, videos and slides.

Let us know if you’ll join us during lunch breaks: we’ll have lunches for speakers (one on May, 19 and one on May, 20th)