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Jason Barnard

1H 30 MIN

SEO – Algorithms – Entity and Advanced Semantics

Speech in lingua inglese / Speech in English:

  • Google and its algorithms: how to manage them and get a boost in SERPs
  • How to do seo seriously for Websites, B2b Sites and Ecommerce
  •  brand SERPs and Knowledge Panel
  • Choosing the best Vertical Knowledge Graph for your  Knowledge Panel
  • Entity SEO and its impact on E-A-T
  • Google’s three Knowledge algorithms (and what it means for SEO)

Michał Suski

1H 30 MIN

Technical SEO – Artificial Intelligence – AI – NPL and Audit

Speech in lingua inglese / Speech in English: 

  • Machine Learning in SEO, AI Content, Future of SEO Writing
    • clustering (its AI too)
    • NLP
    • content generation
    • question answering and generation
    • user intent detection in bulk
    • entities matching

Bojan Maric

1H 30 MIN

SEO in practice – Step by step case studies

Speech in lingua inglese / Speech in English: 

  • 5 case studies on 0 to 100,000 organics/month
  • Content velocity
  • Scaling content production from 0 to 100 articles per month
  • How to scale you content and SEO team
  • Top Secret Case Study on SEO

Fery Kaszoni

1H 30 MIN

Link Building aDVANCED

Speech in lingua inglese / Speech in English: 

  • Advanced and working techniques of Digital PR and Link Building
    • how-to
    • case studies to do
    • examples
    • Tips

THE VIDEOS AS A GIFT [! all videos are in English]

Jason Barnard

30 min

How to get a Knowledge Panel on Google in three simple steps

Google is a Child, Thirsty for Knowledge. Here’s How You Educate and Boost your E-E-A-T” would include getting in the Knowledge Graph which also means getting a Knowledge Panel.

Michał Suski

30 min


This presentation will explore the potential of AI and its ability to revolutionize SEO. We will discuss how AI can be used to generate content, automate tasks, and improve SEO performance.

We will also go through various types of tasks which AI can help with while doing SEO, including tools such as ChatGPT, natural language processing, and artificial neural networks. Join us to learn more about how AI can help you take your SEO strategies to the next level.

Martin Splitt

30 min

JavaScript that every SEO should know + Q&A

Martin is Developer Relations Search & Web ecosystem at Google and in this talk he will explain the pitfalls of Javascript at SEO level.

A website that has Js issues can create problems in conversions, loading times and this can become a disaster for the Marketing team.

Martin will explain how to exploit the potential of Javascritp and how best to optimise it for SEO.

Luke Carthy

30 min

How To Use GA4 to Grow Ecommerce Sales & Conversion

In this session, Luke shares his proven GA4 customisations and optimisations to provide powerful insights to help you grow ecommerce sales, improve conversion and UX.

Mircha Emanuel D’Angelo

Emil Novakov

Roberto Tarzia

15 min


One of the most amazing moment of the event: 3 advanced, step-by-step case studies from which to learn replicable techniques and methodologies for your business. 3 speakers in succession and, at the end, unlimited Q&A 🙂

Google (Android 12L) Simultaneous translation in English

🗣️ Mircha Emanuel D’AngeloYou’ve never seen your e-commerce this fast and secure before!

🗣️ Emil Novakov:How to improve your Core Web Vitals by 20+ points thanks to your visual contents

🗣️ Roberto Tarzia:How I increased the MRR of an SME by 70 per cent, without making them lift a finger. I’ll show you how I did it!

Michael Carbone

Alice Bush

Norma Cerletti

30 min


Google (Android 12L) Simultaneous translation in English

In this talk we will show you in a practical and concrete way how we created a successful company by identifying a market neeed. 

We will show you the business model, methods and strategies that have enabled us to scale and achieve tangible results.

The Norma’s Teaching case.

Maria Sibirtseva

30 min

Key practical principles to boost your content marketing strategy

Luisella Giani

30 min


Bojan Maric

30 min

0 to 1,500,000 organics/month without backlinks

Mirco Gasparotto

30 min


Google (Android 12L) Simultaneous translation in English

Do you want to know how I achieved success as an entrepreneur with an annual turnover of $110 million?

Do you want to learn from my experiences, knowledge, mistakes and entrepreneurial strategies accumulated over a 38-year career?

Then don’t miss this opportunity, in this talk I will teach you how to create a successful business, mistakes to avoid and the entrepreneur’s mindset.

Tommaso Bianchini

30 min

Next Era of Growth: META ADS

In this talk I’ll show new findings from a recent meta-analysis of ‘full-funnel’ campaigns globally, and highlights practical guidance on how brands can generate incremental and cost efficient business outcomes through combining upper and lower funnel strategies across Meta platforms.

In particular, we will see how you can exploit new AI-based campaigns, Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, and how to leverage Reels to make Branding and Performance targets.

Matteo Tibolla

30 min


Google (Android 12L) Simultaneous translation in English

The question that is often asked of those who work in User Experience is: how much is it worth in numbers? Can it be measured?

Let me tell you the case of Chitè Milano, an e-commerce that not only increased conversions thanks to a research carried out with a scientific method, but also improved the perception of the brand’s values.

When UX meets behavioral sciences: from the speech, you will get an effective method to improve websites and e-commerc

Valentina Turchetti

30 min


A practical and insightful talk on what worked and what didn’t in the digital marketing strategy for a B2B client – Tecsaving

Neha Divanji

30 min

Facebook Power 5 – Use Machine Learning to unlock new phases of Growth

Omar Bragantini

30 min


Google (Android 12L) Simultaneous translation in English

It would be fantastic to have a formula that allows scaling an e-commerce up to a million euros without risk.

Well, magic formulas don’t exist, but in my talk I will show you the 4 key fundamentals that allow for sustainability and aim for scaling an e-commerce up to 1 million. This is a set of tests, mistakes, failures and successes that I experience every day on the e-commerce that I follow and that I want to share with you in this speech

Deepak Shukla

30 min

How to scale a content writing team to produce 1 million words/mouth

I show you how to produce useful content for your users with a strategic plan to increase the visibility of your brand.

Fabrizio Leo

Luca Marras

Antonio Palladino

Rachele Politi

15 min cda


One of the most amazing of the Summit: 3 advanced, step-by-step case studies from which to learn replicable techniques and methodologies for your business. 3 speakers in succession and at the end unlimited Q&A 🙂

Google (Android 12L) Simultaneous translation in English

🗣️ Fabrizio Leo: How we scaled the infrastructure of an SME: from 100,000€ to 7 Million per month turnover!


🗣️ Luca Marras: How we increased the delivery rate of critical transactional emails by up to 99%.

🗣️ Antonio Palladino & Rachele Politi : TikTok that rocks: how to intercept Gen Z on TikTok? A step-by-step case study with insights and strategies to apply immediately!

Benjamin Wenner

30 min

Case Study: How we achieved 300% Revenue Growth on Google Search by implementing a Modern Search Campaign structure.

Rand Fishkin

30 min

The End of Marketing Attribution

For 20 years, marketers have been able to attribute most online conversions to the channel (and sometimes even the exact tactic) that sent them. But, those days are ending. In this presentation, Rand will show what’s happening to the web in government policy, privacy changes, tech shifts, and the incentives of major traffic & ad platforms to cause this shift, and how marketers can respond.

Fery Kaszoni

30 min

Supercharge Your Link Building with Digital PR Campaigns

Link building is a very discussed technique in the SEO world… I’ll show you how to harness the power of DIGITAL PR campaigns to get incredible links on the SEO side and phenomenal links for your brand.

You will learn the methods, techniques and tips I use every day to create viral DIGITAL PR campaigns that will help your BRAND and your online visibility.

Simon Terbovšek

30 min

From 0 to 130 million EUR revenue in the last 5 years

Started in his garage with no capital and generated over 130 million EUR of net sales online in Europe.

Simon will give us a lecture about his beginnings, problems and mistakes. He will tell very interesting anecdotes and stories along the way and present tricks on how to help yourself and how not to repeat his mistakes.

In the lecture you will learn:
– tips on how to start a business and develop an idea

– how to help each other and how to think

– how to avoid mistakes

– how to grow your sales

– real case studies with numbers

Mads Singers

30 min

How to scale your SEO efforts with effective Delegation

Want to scale your SEO efforts but don’t know how to delegate effectively?

Then this is the talk for you! I will show you how to identify tasks that can be delegated, how to assign responsibilities effectively and how to monitor and manage work to achieve your SEO goals. I will also show you how to create a corporate culture that encourages delegation and employee growth. In addition, I will show you how to use automation tools to simplify and optimise the delegation process.

Marcello Ascani

30 min


Google (Android 12L) Simultaneous translation in English

Marcello is a YouTuber and CEO of an influencer marketing company. In this talk, he will discuss how the world of content has evolved in recent years and why it is crucial for companies to invest in communities now, by learning how to properly manage their editorial plan. He will provide tips and case studies that can be applied to your business.

Steven Dossou

30 min

Inner arguments, Get Your Fight back

With online marketing constantly fluctuating, it’s no secret that the way we feel and think about digital marketing, our business, and daily operations also fluctuates, doubt or trust, fear or courage, sadness or happiness.

Every marketer had to walk this path at some point. How do we unchain the fight in us in order to remain steady and faithful to the vision of why we started in the mix of mixed emotions, such is the aim of Steven’s talk

Talia Wolf

The Power of Emotion: How to Create Experiences People Love to Convert to

Speech in lingua inglese:

All the analytics, automation tools, machine learning, and technologies in the world will never help you create high-converting experiences for your prospects if you fail to leverage the one component that matters more than anything else in marketing: Emotion. 

Talia Wolf will show us how to tap into the different emotional triggers that persuade people’s decisions. In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • The steps you need to take to stand out in a crowded market
  • The emotional targeting framework Talia uses to 10X conversions for her clients 
  • How to optimize your copy and design to convert more customers and increase their lifetime value

Dennis Yu

What I’ve Learned from Spending a Billion Dollars on the Dollar a Day Strategy

Sarah Sal

3,118 Opt-ins in 7 Days at £0.54/Lead While Beating FB Ad Fatigue

Speech in lingua inglese:Often Advertisers complain: “My ad campaign performances dropped. I think it’s because Facebook has changed their algorithms”.

Sarah is using a case study here based on a campaign she has been running since back in September 2015. In it, over a recent 7-day period, we received 3,118 opt-ins at £0.54/lead to share strategies she used to beat fatigue by using storytelli

Jono Alderson

Marketing to machines

Speech in lingua inglese: As marketers and advertisers, we spend time and energy crafting our content, our ads, and our messaging. We try to convince people to believe our stories, prefer our brands, click our listings, engage, and convert.

But people are only part of our audience. Increasingly, they’re not even the biggest part. Maybe they’re not even the most important part.

Because to reach those people – to gain access to an audience and a market – we need to first convince systems, search engines and social sites that our brands and our content are a good fit. We need to market to machines.

Schema.org gives us access to a rich language for doing that, but barely anybody’s going beyond the basics. They’re chasing rich snippets and fancy search results, but missing the bigger picture.

To access tomorrow’s markets, you’ll need to level up your structured data game. You’ll need to understand how to visualize connected data, build sophisticated entity graphs, and think like a search engine…

Viola Eva

The art of crafting unique stories vs. the science of optimizing for SEO

Speech in lingua inglese:

So often in SEO, we want to win the same keywords as our competitors. And due to Google algorithm we often try to win them with the same content type (listicle, playbook, landing page). Now – how do we actually get remembered as a brand when we are all optimizing for the same stuff? 

“If you were to copy your content on your competitor’s website – Would anyone notice?” (Mary Ellen Slayter, Rep Cap)

Our SEO content briefing is a skeleton (keywords, word count, topics) but it is on you to flesh it out with colors, stories, examples, and a unique voice.
Here is how it works: Ryan Adams (American rock singer and songwriter) produced a cover of Taylor Swift’s hit album 1989.
Same songs. Same lyrics. Same flow. Same skeleton. Same content briefing.
The color, flavor, and style are completely different.

Taylor Swift is sparkly, girly, and upbeat in “Shake it Off.”
Ryan Adams produced a melancholic rock/ country version: Slow. Spacious. Sad.

Even though these songs share the same lyrics and structure, you would never, not for 1 second confuse the two for each other. And this is what bringing a unique angle to an SEO content piece should look like! Study unique content with me during my talk.

Simone Neeling

Making big impact on the smallest screen: all about mobile optimization

Speech in lingua inglese:An increasing number of people visits websites on mobile devices. This includes purchases. Optimization for mobile devices however asks more than just responsive page design. After various experiments, I am no longer surprised by a difference in results between devices. Using practical examples and an interactive storyline, I’d love to take you along in the world of mobile web-based ecommerce

Purna Virji

Hum, Sing, Shout: How to Design a Scalable Always-On Content Marketing Strategy

Speech in lingua inglese:The pressure is real for marketers to constantly be churning out fresh content and be “always on.” Research shows time and again that the brands that do always-on marketing well are often considered more recognizable and relevant. But it’s not easy to implement. How does one be always on without having to always be working? In this session, LinkedIn’s Senior Content Solutions Evangelist Purna Virji will share how marketers can re-think their content planning approach and share frameworks and best-in-class examples for designing a scalable and sustainable always on content strategy.

Dario Silvestri

30 min

Do you want to achieve success in life and business? You need to change!

Learn to ride the wave of change and transformations in trends, markets, and buying behaviors to develop profitable business models and achieve the success you deserve. As the surfer rides the wave with confidence and tenacity, grasp the changes harness them as opportunities for personal and professional growth and truly dominate your life

Viola Eva

30 min

Content Marketing and SEO: how to earn the 1st page of Google thanks to a foolproof method!

Viola will explain how, through the analysis of search intent to semantic search and the construction of an ad hoc editorial plan, it is possible to develop a strategy that allows you to climb positions on Google and increase your online visibility. Writing “is easy,” writing to improve rankings is something else! The speech will be full of successful case studies and insights to give you a working method applicable to each of your projects on help you gain a competitive advantage in the world of Digital Marketing.

Alessandro Agostini

30 min

Featured Snippet Optimization and Google BERT the revolution

Do you have a website, a blog, an e-commerce? Then Position Zero and Voice Search are two terms you’ll need to start learning about! How to leverage Google BERT in your online visibility strategies!

Alexandra Tachalova

30 min

Link Building Clinic: how to increase revenue by 3X through links!

In this speech, Alexandra will not tell you tricks or secret strategies for getting thousands of links. She will give you much more than that. She will share her years of experience in link building and show you real case studies that have resulted in up to 300% more traffic resulting in increased sales and revenue. I will show you the method I apply and the steps to carry out link building that brings tangible, long-lasting results.

Craig Campbell

Joe di Siena

Robert Niechciał

Interventi da 15 min


🗣️Craig CampbellBlack Hat SEO & link building what no one tells you: unedited case studies of success!

🗣️ Siena Joe: How to sell your product at no cost and generate 60k Affiliate Commisson in just one week thanks to a partner from the other side of the World!

🗣️Robert Niechciał : How to increase organic visibility by 3x thanks to SEO-side semantic optimization of an Ecommerce.

Faisal Anderson

30 min

I explain how to spy on Google to increase organic visibility

Very often underestimated by SEOs, Logs are a powerful tool to understand any visibility issues. Faisal will explain step by step how to analyze them, what tools to use, and through a case study reveal how to improve your website’s visibility through Log analysis and CBO optimization.

Kyle Roof

30 min

How to rank ” lorem ipsum” texts for any keyword on Google: I’ll let you in on my secret!

Daine Gareth

30 min

How to create a 100K per month business with Affiliate Marketing

Francesco Chiappini

30 min

UIX Ecommerce Case Study : How to increase sales by 30% with redesign!

Luca Mastella

30 min

Ecommerce Data Tagging: step by step automation process that increased sales by 54%

In this talk Luca will talk about tagging our users based on their online behavior and how we can make use of this data to improve their experience and, consequently, our performance. To make it more tangible I will show a case study done on an Australian ecommerce increasing its revenue through email marketing automation and data analytics.

Alessandro Vercellotti

30 min

Do you know what risks you are taking online? The law also applies on the web! The hidden pitfalls that no one has ever revealed to you!Yes.

In this digital age, online identity protection is a huge issue for people but also and especially for businesses. From online defamation to negative reviews, from domain name protection to the right to be forgotten, Alexander will explain how to face new legal challenges in the era of online businesses in which web reputation is one of the key elements by revealing secrets, tips and hidden pitfalls .

Leonardo Saroni

30 min

Vendere Online Like a PRO

In this speech Leonardo will explain how to sell a product that no one knows about and no one is looking for through an integrated marketing strategy on Google, Facebook and Amazon

Roberta Liguori

30 min

The mental mechanisms for achieving success in business!

How to be consistently performant in life and on the web and be successful? Roberta will explain the mechanics of the mental processes that enable you to handle unexpected or daily challenges offline, and comments, interactions with followers, flames and haters online. Thanks to Roberta, you will know how to handle various critical conditions to always get the most out of your business, for your business and online!

Gunsberger Mandi

30 min

How I created a multimillion-dollar portal from the living room of my home

Andrea Albanes

30 min

Social Media Marketing che spacca: +clienti grazie ai Social e al Digital

Doing Social Media today is becoming more and more difficult, because the organic reach of posts has drastically dropped and people’s attention span on social is very – too low. How, then, to integrate social networks into a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy and use them as a sales tool? Andrea will show you, in a concrete way, that you can get qualified leads by adopting the right Social Media Marketing strategies.

Barbara Brunell

Alessandro Cairone

Andrea D’Ottavio

15 min


One of the most anticipated moments of the Summit: 3 advanced, step-by-step case studies from which to learn replicable techniques and methodologies for your business. 3 speakers in succession and, at the end, unlimited Q&A 🙂

🗣️Andrea D’OttavioFacebook ADS. How to get conversions with Facebook and Instagram:how I generated leads while cutting costs! [ CASE STUDY].

🗣️ Alessandro CaironeSurvey, Profiling and Automation to increase repeat purchase. The Breil case. [ CASE STUDY].

🗣️Barbara BrunelliThe Agrieuro case study : Knowing your customers is the key to success for any e-commerce, here’s how to do it![ CASE STUDY].

Wilsdon Nick

30 min


Nivk manages an international SEO team for Vodafone, his experience has led him to manage, create and organize advanced reports to get the most out of SEO. In this innovative and groundbreaking speech he will show for the first time how to use integrated tools to understand and optimize your Online Visibility strategy. He will provide you with tips and methodologies that you can apply immediately to your business.

Yva Yorston

30 min


Why did you start a blog? What do you need it for? Are you sure you are making the best use of it to achieve concrete business results? Yva will share tips, methods and practices for turning your blog into a concrete business channel and maximizing ROI.. 

Silvia Galati

30 min

Affiliate Marketing TOP: the 7 tips you should have received a long time ago!

Why invest months if not years to create a product/service completely from scratch when you can earn money right away by promoting what is already tested and ready to use? Silvia will share with you a step-by-step system for earning high commissions by promoting third-party products/services. If you are a business, she will i reveal the secrets to selling your products at 0 cost!

Tristan Griffiths

30 min

Productivity and content management: +lead +turnover

Tristan will show you how you can generate a stream of content that can spread across all social platforms. This strategy allowed a business coach to earn $11,000 in just 10 days on Snapchat and an event to increase profits by 300%. An insightful talk with many incredible case studies!

Rossella Cenini:

30 min

Conversion Optimization: converting more and more visitors into Customers

Do you want to increase the number of customers or leads? Following the conventions of good design and implementing best practices are a necessary but often not sufficient condition. How then to do it? If you really want to improve performance, you must adopt a working process that is data-driven and validated by the scientific method. Ideate, produce, measure and analyze. This talk will give you insight into how to maximize the conversion rate of websites with sales or lead generation goals.

Why is this an opportunity for you?


It will be two days of top-level SEO. The talks will be in English, and there will be no simultaneous translation!

You will have a restricted area where you can view the videos as often as you like

For talks where they are available you can have all the slides


It is about 60 videos and approximately 30 to 40 hours of video

Lily Ray

Vice President of SEO Strategy at Amsive

Lily Ray is the VP of SEO Strategy and Research. at Amsive Digital, where she provides strategic leadership for the agency’s SEO client programs.

Born into a family of software engineers, web developers, and technical writers, Lily brings a strong technical background, performance-driven habits, and forward-thinking creativity to all programs she oversees. Lily began her SEO career in 2010 in a fast-paced start-up environment and moved quickly into the agency world, where she helped grow and establish an award-winning SEO department that delivered high-impact work for a fast-growing list of notable clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

Lily has worked across a variety of verticals with a focus on retail, e-commerce, b2b, and CPG sites. She loves diving into algorithm updates, assessing quality issues, and solving technical SEO mysteries.